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Becoming a LinkedIn Super User: Part 3

Now that your profiles and networking skills are polished and professional, it’s time to look at the numbers and make sure you are getting the traffic and attention of potential customers and employees you need to take your business to the next level. In our third and final installment of becoming a LinkedIn “Super User” […]

Are You A LinkedIn Super User? Make the Most of the Professional Social Network

With over 225 million users and more than 10 years in the social networking game, LinkedIn has grown from what was once considered a place to hunt for a new job (and not much more) to a community for professionals and businesses to talk shop, find new leads, connect and reconnect with colleagues, friends, and […]

Risky Business: How to Protect Your Social Media Presence

Social media has a love-hate relationship with risk. You’re encouraged and expected to take some risks by trying new content concepts, playing around with your posting schedule, and developing methods to elicit customer engagement. Being at the mercy of your customers, fans, and followers can be risky indeed – but it can also prove beneficial for your […]

Facebook Graph Search: What’s It All About?

Wondering how Facebook’s Graph Search will change how you, your business, and your customers use the social network? First announced Tuesday, January 15, 2013, Graph Search is currently in beta, though likely to roll out to all Facebook users in early April. (Want it sooner? You can request early access here.) It’s a social search […]

Make 2013 A Success! Get Your Social Media In Shape

We’re one month deep into 2013, and you’ve been hitting the gym like a champ. You’re reading more, watching less TV, eating healthy, quelling your vices, and basically knocking all your personal resolutions out of the park. Will power 1, couch potato 0. Way to go, you. But are you keeping your social media just […]

Let Them Post: Why You Should Allow Your Employees to Use Social Media at Work

You’ve jumped on the “Bring Your Own Device” bandwagon at the office – your employees are accessing company email on their personal devices, working remotely on their own laptops, taking company calls on their cell phones. It’s time to think about how social media fits into the picture. Are you also allowing your employees to […]

Conquering Compliance: Gremln presents new tools for meeting social media standards of regulatory authorities

Social media has taken the world by storm over the last several years, but when it comes to corporate usage, there are some industries that have been a little reluctant to embrace networks like Facebook and Twitter. Chief among them are the financial services providers. The reluctance of investment brokers, lenders, insurance companies, and credit […]

The Path to Glory: How to channel your social media fans through to your website

Why do you work so hard to increase your social media following? Have you ever really thought about it? I mean, really, really thought about it? When it comes down to brass tacks, what’s the actual benefit of having half a million Facebook fans? Sure, it means more potential eyes on your marketing message, but […]

The Gremln Guide to Facebook’s New Timeline

It may not exactly be a surprise to hear that Facebook is preparing to make some more changes to its seemingly ever-shifting profile pages. But unlike Facebook tweaks of the past, the recently announced Timeline update is a complete overhaul for the popular social network. As Facebook faces more and more competition from strengthening social […]