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Facebook News Feed Changes & What It Means for You

In early December, just before the holiday season went into full effect, Facebook announced yet another change to the News Feed algorithm. According to Facebook’s blog, survey results show that people are increasingly interested in reading articles and sourcing news from Facebook — especially from mobile devices. Facebook has been sending traffic to news sources […]

Facebook’s Updated News Feed:
What You Need to Know

The algorithm for how Facebook decides which messages will be presented in any given user’s News Feed seems like it is ever-changing. Depending on what you like, share, comment on, and follow, you may or may not have a higher likelihood of being inundated with pop-culture news, updates from your college buddies, or photos of […]

Social Media Update: August 29, 2013

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the social media world – we’ve got the latest roundup to help you stay up-to-speed with all the news you need to know.

Facebook News Feed & What It Means For Your Business Page

Last week, Facebook announced the most dramatic change to its design and functionality since the social network’s inception seven years ago. The change reinforces a trend we’ve been seeing for quite a while now, most recently evidenced by Facebook Graph Search. Great content really, seriously, truly IS king. During Thursday’s press conference, Facebook’s team laid […]

Twitter, UnLinked — How Twitter’s recent changes affect LinkedIn users, and how Gremln can help

If you have a LinkedIn account, you probably received an email last week explaining that their relationship with Twitter has changed. Until recently, users could connect their LinkedIn accounts to their Twitter accounts and have their tweets posted automatically to their LinkedIn timelines. In other words, if you posted a tweet on Twitter, it automatically […]