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How Much Time Will You Spend in Your First Year on Social Media?

Getting started with social media can be a daunting task, especially if you are not quite familiar with the ins and outs of how the various platforms work, and what the “right” way to use each social media channel might be.

3 Key Steps For A Strong Social Media Strategy

Have you decided your bank needs a social media presence in 2017? Smart move! But now what? Before creating your social media accounts, we at Gremlin Social recommend these three key steps to help you build a successful social media strategy:

Facebook Newsfeed Preferences – Let’s Change the Narrative

Okay – so Facebook has made a change that, on its face (pun absolutely intended) could be more bad news for brands. Not only has organic reach become somewhat of an urban legend, but also with the new See It First feature, users can control what they see and how much they see it on […]

3 Ways To Say Happy Father’s Day Using Social Media

Sunday is the day we celebrate the dads in our lives. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation showed that greeting cards and special outings are the most popular choices for Father’s Day gifts. But if you don’t live in the same town as your dad, neither one of those is a great option […]

Engage & Convert: How Financial Services Can Build Relationships on Social Media

We’ve all heard the terms B2B and B2C – but when it comes to social media, isn’t it all about P2P? In other words, people communicating with other people. Of course, as a business, the end goal is sales, but you can’t lose sight of thought leadership and consumer needs to get there. In fact, […]

Marketing to the Generations: 3 Ways To Close The Deal With Baby Boomers

If you’re a fan of the AMC show Breaking Bad, you are familiar with the meth slinging antihero, Walter White. The day after his 50th birthday, Walt found out he had terminal cancer. And in an effort to leave savings for his family after his death, he turned to a life of crime and drug […]

Phasing Out Recurring Tweets

As of Monday, November 1st at 12:00 AM, the recurring tweets feature on TwAitter will be turned off permanently. Any recurring tweets already scheduled for the following week will continue to send until Monday, November 8th at 12:00 AM. At that time all recurring tweets will be automatically set to “paused” and the software that facilitates the sending of recurring messages will be turned off.

TwAitter Sponsoring TWTRCON DC 09!

TwAitter Sponsoring TWTRCON DC 09!

TwAitter to Sponsor TWTRCON DC 09

TwAitter has decided to sign on as a sponsor of the prestigious Twitter Business Conference TWTRCON to take place in Washington DC on October, 22, 2009.