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Update: What’s New In Social Media

Social media moves at the speed of – oops, something new just came out. If you’re having trouble keeping up, here is a list of the most recent updates, apps, and features on your favorite social networks.

Facebook’s Updated News Feed:
What You Need to Know

The algorithm for how Facebook decides which messages will be presented in any given user’s News Feed seems like it is ever-changing. Depending on what you like, share, comment on, and follow, you may or may not have a higher likelihood of being inundated with pop-culture news, updates from your college buddies, or photos of […]

[Infographic] Mind Your Manners: Hashtag Etiquette with Gremln

Hashtags have evolved into one of the most social aspects in all of social networking – you can use them to join topic-specific chats, spread brand awareness, or promote a certain brand, product, contest, or initiative with your followers. Hashtags haven’t always been present on social media. The first hashtag was introduced in August 2007 […]

Social Media Update:
The Facebook Edition

Get up to speed with the latest in social media news! There’s been quite a bit happening with Facebook lately, so we’ve collected the latest news (and rumors) to keep you informed. Instagram Video: Not to be outdone by Twitter’s successful video app Vine, Facebook announced on Thursday, June 20, that Instagram would now support video, […]

The NSA, PRISM, and Social Media

The recent National Security Administration (NSA) leaks about its PRISM program (which allows the NSA to collect online data including search history, email content, file transfers, and live chats, including video) and telephone data surveillance have created quite the stir. Gremln takes a closer look at the news as it has been unfolding and the social […]

Social Media 101: Facebook’s EdgeRank Formula

“Social Media 101” is a series for social media beginners where we discuss the basics of social media marketing. Today, we examine what is arguably one of the most important content concepts in social media: Facebook’s EdgeRank formula. EdgeRank is a ranking system designed by Facebook that determines how many of your company page’s fans […]

Twitter, UnLinked — How Twitter’s recent changes affect LinkedIn users, and how Gremln can help

If you have a LinkedIn account, you probably received an email last week explaining that their relationship with Twitter has changed. Until recently, users could connect their LinkedIn accounts to their Twitter accounts and have their tweets posted automatically to their LinkedIn timelines. In other words, if you posted a tweet on Twitter, it automatically […]

Piquing Your Pinterest — How to use the hottest new social network to market your business

The concept behind Pinterest is pretty simple; see something you like online, tack it to a virtual bulletin board for all your friends to see. The site design is clean, direct, and easy to use. By all accounts, Pinterest is the simplest social network since Twitter. But for such a simple social site (try saying […]

This Week in Social Media – 11.11.11

Happy 11′s! We here at Gremln hope you’ve had a great week and that you’re about to have an even greater weekend. Here are some of the social media news highlights you may have missed this week: Google+ Adds Business Pages Google’s social network continues its quest to compete with Facebook this week with its […]

This Week in Social Media News – 11.4.11

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the first Friday in November. Time is flying here at Gremln as we get deeper and deeper into our private beta tests. With all the work we’ve been doing on the system, we don’t always remember to check in on what’s going on in the world, so if […]