Finding Your Social Audience: A Treasure Map to Social Media Gold!

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When it comes to building your social media audience, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go for the gold!

It’s not all luck – creating (and boosting) your fan base takes a lot of hard work – especially if you are just getting started with social media. We like to think of it as a treasure hunt, so we’re sharing a map of tips to help you take charge of your search for a successful, engaged social media audience. 


Building an audience for the first time?

Do some research! Check out conversations happening online to find discussions on topics that tie in with your company’s products or services.

Gremln Tip:  You can do this right in your Gremln dashboard by adding a panel and creating an advanced search for keywords, phrases, hashtags, Twitter handles, blog post titles—there are myriad ways to get as detailed as you’d like in your search. You can even search for tweets from people within a certain mile radius around your business location! See what’s being talked about online and incorporate that information into your social strategy.


Get active in those conversations!

gremln-audience-rssComment on industry-related blog posts to let other readers (and the author) know about your products or services, or share new information to show your knowledge and expertise on the subject.

twittercoinTweet responses to posts that include hashtags relating to your industry. Then include the hashtags in your own tweets to keep the conversation going.

gremln-linkedin-goldJoin LinkedIn groups and chime in on discussions that relate to your products or services. Let people know where to find you on social media, or lead them to your website. By being a part of the conversation, you can find new followers (and some new leads)!

Gremln Tip: You can post new discussions to LinkedIn groups you’re a member of right from the Gremln message screen. And – you can create a new panel for each LinkedIn group you join keep an eye on the conversations happening online, so you can jump in at just the right time.


Do you know what your audience is interested in?

gremln-facebook-audienceFacebook’s Graph Search tool can help you research your fans’ interests. Search for “things that people who like (insert company name here) like” and see what pops up, then visit those interest groups and get involved on the page. You may find that others with those interests like your product and didn’t know you were on Facebook until now.


Does your audience know where to find you on social media?

Make sure your social icons are prominently placed on your website and clearly visible in your marketing emails. Some of your current customers, site visitors, and email subscribers may not know you are on social media, and could turn into strong brand ambassadors.


Your audience is an integral part of your social media presence. Without engaged readers to comment on and share your posts, your message won’t get very far. By searching for audience members in places that align with your industry, you’ll be more likely to strike gold — connecting with people who are interested and enthusiastic about what you do.

2 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 LinkedIn 0 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 0 Email -- 2 Flares ×
2 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 LinkedIn 0 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 0 Email -- 2 Flares ×